An excursion through the Kamla Nehru ridge

It was my first educational excursion ever and the first in C.I.E. I felt very excited and good,more than I expected.My friends, Aashish sir, Rajendran sir increased the pleasure all the more.I really liked and appreciate the hard work and explanations of the monuments by our history students.The organisation,refreshment etc. of the whole event was very nice.I will remember it always and take it to my students also so thet they can also learn and feel like we did.

Thank you sir for such a awsome excursion.


My first experience in school

My first classroom experience was wonderful.I like the school I have gotten i.e KV sec.3 Rohini very much.Also the teachers and the students there.I was able to make the class interesting by making children play various games.I was extremely happy at the same time surprised to get the immense love and respect from the students in the very first day.I forgot all my life’s  problems after seeing the lovely class 7 students.I will work hard and do my best to teach them.